Are you wanting to become a licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT):

The TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) prerequisites for becoming a licensed backflow tester in Texas include a minimum of two years of TCEQ approved water related work experience, a high school diploma or GED, and successful completion of a criminal background check. This information is collected in an application process which includes an application fee of $111 payable to TCEQ after the student successfully completes the 40 hr. backflow tester course. After this application process is completed and the applicant receives an approval letter back from the TCEQ saying the applicant is approved to take the BPAT written exam at a TCEQ approved site or local college in his or her area, list will be attached. The BPAT license will be issued after applicant successfully passes the written examination.  

Approved areas of work include:

  • Operating or maintaining a public drinking water system
  • Installing or repairing residential, commercial, or industrial drinking water treatment equipment
  • Installing or repairing lawn irrigation systems
  • Performing activities requiring a master or journeyman plumbing license
  • Installing or servicing fire suppression sprinkler systems and lines
  • Operating or maintaining a domestic wastewater treatment facility
  • Performing duties approved by the executive director

For questions on approved work experience, contact TCEQ at (512) 239-1000.


Need to renew an existing BPAT license:

A total of 24 approved CEU hours is required in the 3-year license period to renew a BPAT license in Texas. The hours can be taken all at one time or divided up over the three year license period. To help maintain tester skill level it is required that at least 8 of the 24 hours be Practical Skills (Hands-on) training. All 24 must be earned on or before the license expiration date with the renewal fee being paid no later than 30 days after the license expiration date. Any of these guidelines not being met will result in license expiration and the applicant having to re-exam.                   

Click here to check on a tester's accumulated earned hours on the TCEQ website.


 Need credit on another TCEQ license other than BPAT:  

The 'Fundamentals of Backflow Prevention' is an 8 hour classroom course that provides 8 hours on backflow along with other TCEQ licenses as well. Topics discussed include documented backflow incidents, types of backflow protection and what is required, installation criteria and rules/regulations. The student does not need to be a licensed backflow tester to attend. 8 hours credit are provided for: licensed Irrigator/Tech, Customer Service Inspector, Water/Wastewater Operator, Water Treatment Specialist and Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester.