40 Hr. Certification for Backflow Tester

40 Hour Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) Courses

The 40 hour tester certification course provided by Bac-Flo Unlimited includes the training, equipment, and information necessary to become licensed and qualified to test and maintain backflow prevention assemblies. This course is approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE). The student is not required to bring anything to class, everything is provided for course attendance. 

Examination process: the practical skills portion of the exam is included and given the last day of class while the written exam is offered at a TCEQ authorized exam site after course completion. This TCEQ application process (which includes a criminal background check and and application fee of $111) is to be completed after completing the 40 hour tester course. After the application is approved by the TCEQ, applicant will receive an approval letter granting permission to take the written examination. This written exam is Not given as part of the course and is administered at a TCEQ regional office or approved computer based testing site such as a local community college in applicant's area.  
The average wait time for written exam approval is 3 - 4 weeks after a complete application has been submitted.

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Note: TCEQ license prerequisites include at least two full years of TCEQ approved water related work experience, high school diploma or GED, and completion of a criminal background check. This information is verified through the application process described above. 

TCEQ training credits provided with this course:

  • 12 Hrs. Irrigation/Technician License
  • 12 Hrs. Customer Service Inspector
  • 12 Hrs. Water/Wastewater Operators
  • 12 Hrs. Water Treatment Specialist
  • 100 Hrs. toward obtaining a Plumbing Inspector's License
  • Course fee: $695.00 

    Bundle package $1,417.00 (includes Differential Pressure Gauge featured on home page).