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The Water is Going To Be Off How Long???

How many times have we heard such a statement when testing or repairing containment backflow prevention assemblies on critical services?

Through the years of enforcing San Antonio Water System’s Backflow Prevention Program and today actually being involved in the testing and repairing of assemblies, we have always had to deal with many critical services not having manifold installations (bypass arrangements). With manifold installations, one backflow prevention assembly can be turned off at a time for testing and/or repair. If the installation does not have a manifold backflow prevention assembly, the water has to be turned off to the facility. The only exception is if there is an additional belted water service or source to the facility.

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Commentary: City Actions Affect Backflow Program

Ignorance by City Management on viable Cross Connection Control measures, along with the Arrogance of eliminating and/or basically Ignoring the detailed procedures established in all standards, codes and guidelines for viable backflow prevention programs, in my opinion, is negligent and fundamentally wrong. Where is common sense and moral responsibility in protecting the public water supply? Management (Cities) should be providing support for the Cross Connection Control Program instead of looking for reasons not to enforce it, in some instances.

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Do you know how safe your drinking water is?

How do you know your drinking water is safe? If you have a sprinkler system at your house, officials at the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) say you could be as risk for cross contamination if you are missing a crucial part called a backflow preventer.

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Inadequately Trained Testers Adversely Affect Backflow Programs

Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers that are not adequately trained can rake havoc on all those associated with enforcement of backflow prevention measures, including the facility having the assembly to be tested and the backflow prevention assembly tester. Testers have to be trained to recognize cross connections, backflow situations and hydraulic situations affecting assemblies, correct assemblies for various hazards, resolution factors for malfunctioning assemblies, testing situations and nightmares situations and nightmares that affect testers and enforcement agencies, tester responsibilities, correct installations, etc. This is just to name a few.

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Lawn Sprinkler System Backflow Protection

Through the years we’ve heard from some that lawn sprinkler systems are not a cross connection hazard and all that’s necessary is minimal backflow protection with no periodic testing or maintenance. Listed below are a few considerations and questions that might be asked about the actual or potential contamination hazards associated with lawn sprinkler systems before calling a lawn sprinkler system a no or low cross connection hazard, that doesn’t need to be monitored!

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Uniform Test Procedures Across the State

As most know in the backflow world there are approximately 50 different test procedures for Backflow Prevention Assemblies (BFPAs). They all vary somewhat and all basically evaluate, to some degree, if a BFPA is operating as it’s designed to.

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